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Visit The Makokola Retreat on a Southern Malawi Mountain Bicycle Tour.

One of the southern western lake’s most remotely beautiful locations. Stop over here for a night on our Southern Malawi Mountain Bicycle Tour for an addition of non-motorised lake side activities, golf greenery, the  relaxing splendour of an immaculate shoreline and more…

The Makokola Retreat Meditation and Pools
The Makokola Retreat  – Meditate and rejuvenate after a day of cycling 🙂

25 kilometres from the bustling town of Mangochi, The beautiful Makokola Retreat offers one of the most unspoilt and meticulously maintained beach resorts in east Africa for those looking for a quite getaway. Formerly called Club Makokola and fondly nicknamed Club Mak, the resort is located on the eastern shore of Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa and the southernmost lake of the great African rift valley that stretches from Egypt to Mozambique. The location alone might be a big draw for Makokola Retreat, after all, this part of the world is renowned as a top tourist destination, Top 10 in CNN’s must see places of 2016.  However, Makokola retreat sets itself apart with its beautifully maintained 700 meter long beach lined with very clean light-brown sand and towering palm trees that will impress even the most travelled tourist.

Sunset Dinner at the Makokola Retreat.
Sunset Dinner at the Makokola Retreat.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better sunrise experience than the Makokola retreat, as it sits on the western side of Lake Malawi, overlooking a distant giant wall of mountains on the north eastern shore of the lake, gracefully illuminated by the rising sun every morning. As the sun conquers the mountain wall of the rift valley, its rays will glow right in your face on the beach before illuminating the blue waters of the lake beneath, lighting up your sight with a blitz of crystals that will set your mood for the rest of the day.

The Makokola Retreat Southern Malawi Mountain Bicycle Tour


Guests to the Makokola retreat will be happy to know that he resort offers more than just the sun, water and sand. There is some due credit to be given to the pleasant environment around the resort, especially for the lovers of nature and African décor. The resort is set on a lovely garden of clean lawn and indigenous African trees and shrubs which maintain an evergreen tropical environment all year round. Accessibility around the resort is covered by pathways lined with African décor and art from a local catholic mission which makes for relaxing and romantic walks, anytime of the day. Makokola Retreat also boasts of the Mlambe Golf Club, with a 9 hole golf course set in the background of towering baobab trees and the sounds of a gentle stream. The resort also maintains a bowling alley. Water lovers enjoy a wide variety of water sport including Sailing Dinghies, water skiing and snorkelling among a wide range of sports. Swimming in the fresh cool water of Lake Malawi is an opportunity that most people will savour, but for those looking for a more controlled swimming adventure, the resort boasts of an Olympic size pool right on the beach

The swimming pool sits between an open dining area and a well-stocked bar which serves a little bit of everything for everyone. The bar has a great selection of local beers and spirits including the renowned and well matured Malawi Gin. A wide range of imported brands of liquor are also available, well selected to reflect the diversity of tourists that visit the hotel. The resort also has an in-house spa.

Plenty of tourist hotspots abound in the immediate area surrounding the Makokola Retreat. The resort is a mere 50 Kilometres south of the Lake Malawi National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site which is home to the largest collection of endemic species of cichlids in the world. Next to the National park lies the famous Cape Maclear, a bustling backpacker’s mecca with shallow waters and a long beach surrounded by a lively native population. The resort is also located an hour’s drive away from Liwonde National Park, known for its large Elephant and Hippo population among a great selection of African wildlife. A two hour drive from the resort puts you right at the bottom of Zomba Plateaux, a top tourist attraction with its wealth of natural streams and tall indigenous trees that dominate the city’s wealth of colonial heritage.

The Makokola Retreat Golf Course

There is a great blend of African traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury in the way in which the rooms at the Makokola retreat are designed and maintained. The rooms are thatched with high quality African grass and the furniture is custom-made from rubber wood of the highest quality. With altitude approaching sea level, Mangochi can get quite hot in the summer, however the rooms at the Makokola Retreat are well insulated with large windows providing some great sea breeze which can even make the posh air conditioner fittings look redundant. Courtesy of the local Mua Mission, a catholic institution, the walls are decorated with hand-made arts and crafts that will surely initiate you into African art. Space sells fast at Makokola so advanced bookings are highly recommended. There are 26 standard rooms, 9 suites and 11 family rooms, each self-contained with a double bed, minibar and satellite television. The family rooms have two bedrooms and a shared bathroom while the suites; called Lake Villas have a separate lounge that makes for a pleasant evening time when you want to stay indoors. The Chief Villa is a complete two bedroomed house which is provided for guests travelling in a larger group and seeking the privacy and space of a holiday home.

The Makokola Retreat

Makokola Retreat is conveniently situated 240 kilometres from the commercial city of Blantyre which has the most convenient port of entry through the Chileka International Airport. Alternatively, the resort is also 250 kilometres by road from the Kamuzu International Airport in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. The roads leading up to the resort from the two cities are all well maintained in asphalt making it easy to access. Makokola Retreat also raises the bar and one-ups its competitors by boasting a dedicated airstrip which is serviced by planes from both the Chileka International Airport and the Kamuzu International Airport. Additionally, the retreat also allows direct flight of chartered planes from outside Malawi, offering customs and immigration clearance right at the resort on check in. This makes the Makokola retreat perfect for any class of traveller, being accessible to the budget traveller at a reasonable cost while maintaining all the amenities needed for the discerning higher budget getaway holiday seeker.

Eastern Shores of The Makokola Retreat - Southern Malawi Mountain Bicycle Tour

Book today and stop over at The Makokola Retreat as you cycle your way up along the lake to Cape Maclear. Discounted rates apply when booking as part of our Southern Malawi Mountain Bicycle Tour Package.


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