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Self Guided or Fully Supported? Choosing cycle tour options

Deciding between self guided or fully supported can be a bit tricky but it need not be a hesitant decision. Especially if it is your first time cycle tour in Africa. There are a few factors to help you decide which will be the best fit for you. Both options offer a great way to experience the country. However depending on your style of travel, health condition and itinerary plan. It might be better to consider oneover the other. With this article we hope it will help you choose the best fit for you and your partner, family or group. By covering the differences and seeing why we provide both possibilities you should be able to decide with confidence which is for you. If you still feel a bit uncertain your welcome contact us at anytime to talk with a friendly tour consultant for additional advice We’ve been touring in Malawi with ample experience and know that making an informed decision can make all the difference.

Self Guided vs Fully Supported? What is the difference and how it works

Self- Guided

Traditional style of bike travel that has inspired a whole new generation, opening possibilities of travel to a wider reach. With a minimal outfit of light luggage, bike gear and simple clip on storage racks. Travellers can explore countless destinations with an unparalleled amount of freedom. All that is needed is a sense of adventure, willpower and the know how.

How it works

We provide all the know how that you need with the right bike setup, route planning and custom made itinerary. Leaving you to use your curiosity and spirit of adventure to uncover one of Africa’s friendliest and truly diverse countries.

If however you have a serious medical condition and uncertain whether or not you might cope with the distances, climate variations and dietary changes. We recommend to first consult with your doctor. Our self-guided tours cover distances between 50 – 100km with the maximum we’d ever offer being 130km. This is for your safety concern of travelling always by day.

Travellers considering a self guided option need to be in good health. Whom keep active and cycle regular throughout the week. Hikers, kayakers and other sports discipline would appreciate the variation and are encourage to combine cycling into their training routines. Seasoned cyclists and novice rides will thoroughly enjoy the riding elevations and scenery of Malawi and should look into this option as a first preference.

Fully supported

Escorted tours which allow for optimal flexibility, on route support and added comfort. Tired of large groups, set times but still need support. Decide where you will begin and start anywhere suitable for you. Reach new elevations and mountain biking trails that only the brave dare to discover. These tours allow everyone to join in on the fun. A dedicated guide and backup vehicle to assist you at your own pace. Whether you’ve just come out of major operation, have a certain medical concern or have fellow companions who aren’t as keen on cycling there as you are! Everyone can tag along and enjoy the cycle tour

How it works?

We provide an air-conditioned all terrain vehicle with an experienced guide to assist you with on route support. With refreshments stops and the lightening of your load with luggage portaging. Our guide maintains a safe distance that you hardly know his there but always not too far. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind and comfort.

At anytime on your cycle tour hop into the vehicle and hang up your bike on the rack or continue with the encouragement and private coaching of your trustee support. Take leisure and sport to the whole next level and reach new heights of self fulfilment. Push your limits to challenge and reward yourself to the most breathtaking scenery in Africa.

The choice is yours to make

With or without us 😉 We’ll help you cycle in Malawi from whichever part of the world in, which ever kind of way. Try us! We’ve travelled high and low in search of the best accommodation, tried tested routes and provide high quality bikes, vehicles and top guides. With us you can rest assure knowing that you are going to enjoy your ride, be it self guided or fully supported. The choice is yours. For cycle tour ideas visit our tour page.

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