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atemwa Tea Estates - Thyolo Mountain. Bikes and Tea Tour - Cycle Malawi


Satemwa grows 890 hectares of tea along the slopes of Thyolo mountain. Reaching heights up to 1460m. The estate offers spectacular views and magical trails through cobbled stones paths and red soiled trails. While tall blue gum trees line across vast tea bushes creating a tranquil oasis of age old charming beauty, heritage and history. Take a cycle back into time and explore Malawi ‘s finest preserved tea and coffee plantations on a scenic bicycle ride then treat your taste buds to tea tasting in the factory showroom where you will get to enjoy the sweet aroma’s and delicate teas that are cultivated in Satemwa.



Within the estate there are namely two loops which can be made, the yellow loop(45 min) and the Blue loop (60 min). The latter a slightly more extensive trail. Both can be combined to create a wonderful riding experience through winding uphills and panoramic descends across hectares of tea and coffee bushes shaded in blue gum trees and a cool refreshing climate. Afterwards enjoy a refreshing tea tasting session in the Satemwa factory discovering and sampling the various tea varieties cultivated and plucked at Satemwa.




After a warm welcoming at Huntingdon House where you will be met by a friendly and knowledge cycling guide. Your bicycles will be prepared and adjusted to your comfort level and a short briefing on the routes one could take around the tea estates will commence before the ride. Here you will depart into the various tea trails in the estate passing scenic view spots and discovering the beauty and clockwork which goes into producing Satemwa’s fine blends of tea and coffee. A tea tasting in the factory showroom will commence after whereby you can rejuvenate and immerse in the aromas and tastes of Satemwa’s renowned Malawian tea blends.




+ Mountain bicycle rentals
+ Cycling guide
+ Route maps
+ Bottle mineral water
+ Tea Tasting @ Satemwa Tea Factory.


Tour starts and ends at Huntingdon House. Pick up and drop off transport can be arranged at additional cost

For bookings and enquiries use the booking form button below or send an email for a speedy response.

Satemwa Tea Estates - Thyolo Mountain Tea Trails - Cycle Malawi
Picnic Spot - Satemwa Tea Estates - Cycle Malawi
Bikes and Tea Tour - Satemwa Tea Estates - Cycle Malawi
Mountain views of Satemwa Tea Estate - Bikes and Tea Tour