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+265 888 91 4991 dean@cyclemalawi.org

Five Bike Friendly Lodges in Malawi.

Five bike friendly lodges in Malawi where you can enjoy cycling activities. These accommodation lodges & camps in Malawi offer guests a wonderful option to rent out bikes while visiting there location. Stay the night or make a day visit and hop on a bike for breathtaking sightseeing within beautiful surrounding natural environments. From Luwawa’s forest woodlands to the dense bush Kuti Wildlife Reserve. There is an amazing selection of places you can explore by bike and have a restful night of sleep too!

Luwawa Forest Lodge – Viphya Forest Plateau

Enclosed in the South Viphya Forest Reserve. Luwawa Forest Lodge provides an excellent array of montane grassland and evergreen forest. Guest can an enjoy a wide range of activities from walking trails to canoeing over the Luwawa Dam. Mountain biking here is one of the best in the country with bicycle rentals available.

Email : georgewardlow@yahoo.co.uk | Telephone: 0999 512645

Pakachere Backpackers – Zomba Plateau

Numerous mountain bikes are available for day hire from Pakachere Backpackers. Situated at the base of the Zomba Plateau. The backpackers is a ideally located for exploring the town of Zomba as well cycling up to the peak. With a selection of affordable en-suite rooms, dorms and camping spots. Overnight here then grab a bike in the morning and cycle up to the Plateau. They also have a nice restaurant for refreshing juices and lunches.

Email: info@pakachere.com | Telephone: +265 (0) 88 285 80 89

Chintheche Inn

Located along the northern shoreline of Lake Malawi. The long sandy beaches and large tree studded grounds makes for a relaxing retreat on the lakeshore. The eastern Bikes are available for guests to cycle the surrounding villages and explore the region. Possible to cycle from here into Chikangwa and discover the Viphya Mountains.

Emailinfo@cawsmw.com | Telephone: + 265 1771 393/153 | Website: www.cawsmw.com

Butterfly space

Perched over the cliffs & out looking into Lake Malawi with vivid views of sunsets and clear waters. Guests can enjoy delicious food, friendly staff and a relaxed environmentally conscious atmosphere of volunteers, travelers and eco –living.  Apart from swimming in the lake and lounging at the bar. Ask to rent one of there bicycles and cycle into Nkhata bay to explore the markets, shops and harbour.

Email: blondieleap@hotmail.com  | Telephone: +265 (0) 999265065 | Website: .butterflyspacemalawi.com

Kuti Wildlife Reserve 

One of the few reserves which you can actually cycle in and encounter wildlife along the way. An excellent network of trails to explore. Located about an hour way from Lilongwe. Visitors can spend the day here cycling with one of there bikes. A guide is also available who will take you knowledgeable guided experience to see the animals and different vegetation found throughout the reserve.

Email : info@kuti-malawi.org | Telephone: +265 99 733 46 83 | Website: www.kuti-malawi.org


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