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Cycle Luwawa International Mountain Bike Race Saturday 15th June

Luwawa Announces Date and Time for International Mountain Bike Marathon

The “Warm Heart of Africa” is filled with numerous sights and scenes to embrace your senses in every way possible. A haven for bird watchers, animal enthusiasts, nature lovers, kayakers, and hikers, this June, Malawi offers something special to its cycling enthusiasts.

This year, Malawi welcomes biking enthusiasts of all levels and ages to participate in their sixteenth Luwawa International Mountain Bike Marathon being held on Saturday the 15th of June, starting at 10.00am.

The trail proves to be a formidable but exciting challenge for the adventurous types and has gained quite a reputation among previous years’ competitive riders.

Since being declared a national seeding event, registrations from serious local and international competitors come in quickly.

But for the non-competitive types, the view alone is a good enough reason to knock the dust off your cleats and get back on your bike with the event offering a short 20km route to quench your thirst for adventure.

Riding along the ridges of the Viphya Mountains, around the South Viphya Forest Reserve looking out towards Lake Malawi, the promise of spotting wildlife along the way will ease any fears you may have about the circuitous route of 53 km.

And knowing that you are cycling in aid of the Luwawa Environmental trust – as it raises money for the continued protection of this beautiful habitat for its people and animals – is just icing on the cake.

Luwawa Forest Lodge is dedicated to the protection of our environment, and the support of the local community in order to build for a better future…..”

The last leg of the race is a climb of around 1,000 meters and is a true test of skill and endurance for the die-hards, but never fear, organisers do supply numerous water stops and first aid facilities along the way, as well as strong support staff at Luwawa Lodge.

All in all, whatever your reasons for coming to race in Malawi, the campfire nights while sitting under the African sky surrounded by all the natural beauty on offer will be a happy ending to an action-packed day.

Contact Luwawa Forest Lodge for more details about registering for this exciting event, or join the many families who will be there to cheer the competitors as they go about their own personalised hiking and cycling tours and sightseeing adventures with us.


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