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Top Island Getaways in Malawi for Barefoot Luxury & Watersporting Adventure

Top island getaways in Malawi for barefoot luxury and water-sporting adventure. Malawi has numerous wonderful freshwater islands to visit. On the southern route – the closest, Mumbo island is a barefooted luxury island hideaway choice with Domwe island being the neighbouring island for the more adventurous, both offering unpopulated, deserted lakeside relaxation. Enjoy walks, hikes...
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Hike Magical Mount Mulanje

Magical Mount Mulanje – Every Hiker’s Dream Climb Mount Mulanje is the most popular climbing and hiking spot in Malawi. Found in the tea-growing district of Mulanje, on a misty day, the Mulanje Massif’s highest peak, Sapitwa, forms an island in the sky as it explodes out of the clouds at 3,002m high. Unsurprisingly, intrepid...
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Top Wildlife Reserves and National Parks in Malawi

Top Wildlife Reserves and National Parks in Malawi Look! There’s an elephant across the river! Malawi has no less than nine National Parks and Wildlife Reserves quite evenly spread around the countryside. Premier wildlife viewing can be enjoyed without abhorring convoys of 4×4’s and tarred roads offering tranquil and often isolated safaris. The country is...
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Cycle Luwawa International Mountain Bike Race Saturday 15th June

Luwawa Announces Date and Time for International Mountain Bike Marathon The “Warm Heart of Africa” is filled with numerous sights and scenes to embrace your senses in every way possible. A haven for bird watchers, animal enthusiasts, nature lovers, kayakers, and hikers, this June, Malawi offers something special to its cycling enthusiasts. This year, Malawi...
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Awesome adventure activities for your next cycle trip to Malawi

Malawi has diverse landscapes, natural beauty and unique topography for adventure. Staggering mountain escarpments, lake shore islands, river tributaries and indigenous woodlands. A haven ground of various activities for exploring its natural habitats. Whether it be water sporting on the sands or hiking mountain trails. There is undoubtedly an adventure out there that will awaken...
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