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Sunset at Kande Horse

Ride into Lake Malawi with Kande Horse.

Ride through the forest, farmland villages and golden beaches, and end with the unforgettable experience of swimming in Lake Malawi with your horse. Stunning Rides and Home Cooked Meals. Staying in Beautiful Accommodation. Packages available, all ages and levels catered for. Nestled in amongst the forest, The Stables Guest House provides three double luxury rooms for visitors wanting something a little different than the usual beachside experience. Each beautifully furnished deluxe room provides comfortable 4-posted beds with mosquito net, fan, ensuite toilet and sink. Relax and unwind on one of the balconies as you watch the sunset across the horse...
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Top Island Getaways in Malawi for Barefoot Luxury & Watersporting Adventure

Top island getaways in Malawi for barefoot luxury and water-sporting adventure. Malawi has numerous wonderful freshwater islands to visit. On the southern route – the closest, Mumbo island is a barefooted luxury island hideaway choice with Domwe island being the neighbouring island for the more adventurous, both offering unpopulated, deserted lakeside relaxation. Enjoy walks, hikes and activities such as swimming, snorkelling and kayaking in the cleansing lake waters. Further up north, Likoma and Nankoma Island provide further isolated and pristine island seclusions for barefoot luxury and water-sporting adventure. KAYA MAWA LODGE – Likoma Island Kaya Mawa Lodge is at the...
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Hike Magical Mount Mulanje

Magical Mount Mulanje – Every Hiker’s Dream Climb Mount Mulanje is the most popular climbing and hiking spot in Malawi. Found in the tea-growing district of Mulanje, on a misty day, the Mulanje Massif’s highest peak, Sapitwa, forms an island in the sky as it explodes out of the clouds at 3,002m high. Unsurprisingly, intrepid climbers regularly grapple the mountain hoping to tame its peaks and claim the magnificent Massif as their conquest. A typical hike starts in the village with six potential routes to follow and many rest stops along the way. There are clearly marked paths with well-maintained...
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Top Wildlife Reserves and National Parks in Malawi

Top Wildlife Reserves and National Parks in Malawi Look! There’s an elephant across the river! Malawi has no less than nine National Parks and Wildlife Reserves quite evenly spread around the countryside. Premier wildlife viewing can be enjoyed without abhorring convoys of 4×4’s and tarred roads offering tranquil and often isolated safaris. The country is especially well known for its elephant population and for some of the largest concentrations of hippo in Africa. The big five: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros can all be seen along with countless antelope, crocodile, hyena’s, and numerous small mammals. Excellent game viewing can...
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Cycle Luwawa International Mountain Bike Race Saturday 15th June

Luwawa Announces Date and Time for International Mountain Bike Marathon The “Warm Heart of Africa” is filled with numerous sights and scenes to embrace your senses in every way possible. A haven for bird watchers, animal enthusiasts, nature lovers, kayakers, and hikers, this June, Malawi offers something special to its cycling enthusiasts. This year, Malawi welcomes biking enthusiasts of all levels and ages to participate in their sixteenth Luwawa International Mountain Bike Marathon being held on Saturday the 15th of June, starting at 10.00am. The trail proves to be a formidable but exciting challenge for the adventurous types and has...
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Awesome adventure activities for your next cycle trip to Malawi

Malawi has diverse landscapes, natural beauty and unique topography for adventure. Staggering mountain escarpments, lake shore islands, river tributaries and indigenous woodlands. A haven ground of various activities for exploring its natural habitats. Whether it be water sporting on the sands or hiking mountain trails. There is undoubtedly an adventure out there that will awaken your senses. Here are awesome adventure activities to include in your next cycle trip to Malawi. Horse-riding into Lake Malawi at Kande Beach. Nestled within a forest in the northern region of Malawi. A few villages away from the mesmerising Kande beach. A one of a...
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Five bike friendly places to visit in Malawi

Five Bike Friendly Lodges in Malawi.

Five bike friendly lodges in Malawi where you can enjoy cycling activities. These accommodation lodges & camps in Malawi offer guests a wonderful option to rent out bikes while visiting there location. Stay the night or make a day visit and hop on a bike for breathtaking sightseeing within beautiful surrounding natural environments. From Luwawa’s forest woodlands to the dense bush Kuti Wildlife Reserve. There is an amazing selection of places you can explore by bike and have a restful night of sleep too! Luwawa Forest Lodge – Viphya Forest Plateau Enclosed in the South Viphya Forest Reserve. Luwawa Forest...
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Brian and Jacki at the airport for the beginning of there cycle tour in Malawi - Cycle Malawi

Around Malawi in 30 Days cycling 1200 km

Words and pictures courtesy of the two special riders who adventured out and inspired the makings of this. Having cycled on an epic cross country bike tour from southern to north Malawi in the month of August. Uncover a first real word view of there cycling experience as they traversed around Malawi. Their story shedding light on some never before seen views of the countryside biking along the hillside villages, wildlife terrains, natural habitats and lake shore escarpments that shape the country. Providing a real insight into the warm heart of Africa, its dramatic varied landscapes and most of all...
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From the road: Father & son cycle 1250km in 15 Days

Last month while riding through the southern countryside we met up with Noel & Lachlan, father & son cycling through Malawi on a 17 day cycle tour covering just over 1250km. Cycle Malawi fortunately caught up with Noel afterwards who was happy to answer a few questions about his bike trip, sharing some intriguing insight from his riding experience and helpful tips for other keen bike enthusiasts considering Malawi as there next cycle destination. Here’s what he had to say. Thanks Noel! Happy cycling…. Noel, you’ve cycled many countries in the world, somewhat of a legendary bike tourer. What led...
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