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Awesome adventure activities for your next cycle trip to Malawi

Malawi has diverse landscapes, natural beauty and unique topography for adventure. Staggering mountain escarpments, lake shore islands, river tributaries and indigenous woodlands. A haven ground of various activities for exploring its natural habitats. Whether it be water sporting on the sands or hiking mountain trails. There is undoubtedly an adventure out there that will awaken your senses. Here are awesome adventure activities to include in your next cycle trip to Malawi.

Horse-riding into Lake Malawi at Kande Beach.

Nestled within a forest in the northern region of Malawi. A few villages away from the mesmerising Kande beach. A one of a kind adventure this is. Where else in the world can you go swimming with a horse knee deep in a beautiful lake. At Kande Horse, enjoy scenic rides on one of there 12 well groomed horses, through farmland villages and golden beaches, and end with an unforgettable experience – Dipping in Lake Malawi with your horse. After a lovely 1 hour ride, retreat to organic home cooked meals and beautifully decorated farmhouse accommodation.

Horse-riding at Kande Beach

Kayaking across the freshwater Islands of Lake Malawi. 

Water-sports along Lake Malawi is extremely popular. This adventure activity takes you across the waters of the Lake Malawi National Park. Grab a kayak from Kayak Africa located along the shoreline and paddle the calm waters to nearby islands Domwe or Mumbo. An invigorating experience passing fisherman, and explorations of boulders and rocky island vegetation.

Mountain biking trails through the woodlands of Zomba Plateau.

Mountain bike lovers won’t be disappointed. Satisfying single tracks through indigenous pine trees, spicy climbs along scenic panoramic views, breathtaking scenery of waterfalls, streams and beautifully built reservoirs. The Zomba Plateau offers some of the best mountain biking in the region. An excellent day adventure treading across the pines and soaking up the fresh mountain air.

Mountain Biking Zomba Plateau
Mountain Biking Zomba Plateau

Trekking the Massif Mt Mulanje.

Reaching heights of up to 3000m. The sheer beauty of this mammoth mountain can be seen from miles away. Its truly magnificent and its beauty can only be justified by seeing it from a far. Better yet exploring the plateaus and hiking trails across the skyline. Multiple day hikes can be done with overnight stays in mountain huts or day walks to the Dziwelankhalamba Falls and Rock Pools (Approx 2 – 3 hours). Abseiling and zip-ling can also be arranged with adventure guiding company Mulanje Outdoor Adventures

Hiking Mulanje Mountain
Hiking Mulanje Mountain

Keen to try your hand at one of theses amazing adventures? Join one of cycling tours or book a cycling holiday and enjoy these awesome adventures activities for the ultimate cycle adventure in the Warm heart of Africa.

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