+265 888 91 4991 dean@cyclemalawi.org
+265 888 91 4991 dean@cyclemalawi.org

Welcome Jacki & Brian, 29 Day Cycle Tour in Malawi!

Arrival day: From the sandstone of our home in Cumbria,UK. we were ready with our ctc cycle bags.. ready to be critiqued at Heathrow and Malawi. A day and half later we were delighted the bikes really had arrived on top of the baggage at Blantyre airport..even though *some one* let the tyres right down and ripped our bags. Dean met us with a track pump and helped us get ready for a light atmospheric 19km ride *up* to Blantyre town . With cries of ‘giro’ and ‘wiggins’ we were waived passed grilled maize on fires, street rappers, and boisterous friendly people buying stuff on the dusty street sides as they piled out of work at a 5.30 dusk. Thankful for our bike lights unlike other cyclists with their loads of baskets..we tracked down our lodge for the first night…

Cycling on an epic cross country bike tour from southern to north Malawi. Brian & Jacki are covering the entire country in under 29 Days in a spectacular cycle trip that would reach a breathtaking finale in Nyika National Park.

Brian and Jacki at the airport for the beginning of there cycle tour in Malawi - Cycle Malawi

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