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+265 888 91 4991 dean@cyclemalawi.org


Cycle Malawi is a travel organization working to promote cycling tourism as positive force for responsible travel in Malawi. We provide tour planning for a host of different cycle tours from race events, charity challenges to custom-designed interactive cycling tours to support community development projects in partnership with local communities, NGOs and tour operators in  Malawi. Whether it be planning a tour for a group of cyclists, logistical ground support, looking for high-quality bike rentals in Malawi, back up vehicles, trailer and guide services, or want to explore some of the best self-guided bike tours in Malawi.

Responsible Travel

Part of each trip goes towards combating deforestation and creating sustainable community projects between the surrounding communities and natural habitats that you will cycle through. Each tour helps conservation efforts of endangered habitats in Malawi. Riders can enjoy each cycling tour knowing each trip will be making a valuable contribution in saving the environment, cutting down emissions and supporting sustainable development. 

Planted trees for conservation.
Cycling in Malawi - Blog Post - Stories from the road

Stories from the road:

Father & son cycle 1250 km across Malawi

Last month while riding through the southern countryside we met up with Noel & Lachlan, father & son cycling through Malawi on a 17 day cycle tour covering just over 1250km. Cycle Malawi fortunately caught up with Noel afterwards who was happy to answer a few questions about his bike trip, sharing some intriguing insight from his riding experience and helpful tips for other keen bike enthusiasts considering Malawi as there next cycle destination. Here’s what he had to say. Thanks Noel! Happy cycling….